About Us

Executive Team

Greg Marchand - President    

Greg has been working in technology for over 26 years. With a degree from USC in Chemistry and Computer Science and with a long background in Computer Technology, Greg has a very thorough understanding of all processes that Marchand Technologies provides. Greg understands the technology process inside and out. He is certified on the latest technologies with Apple, Dell, HP, and as a licensed contractor. He has a special knack for looking at technology needs and identifying any issues or needs in order to save time and create longevity.

Greg also has extensive knowledge of the anodizing process as he created and built a successful company in Silicon Valley still running today as the oldest anodizing in the Bay Area. With his leadership, Du-All has produced the highest quality anodized materials in the industry.

Martel Marchand - Vice President    

Martel has worked alongside Greg in developing the operations and development of the business . With extensive experience in sales and retail, Martel understands people and knows what it takes to create a family-oriented environment. She enjoys getting to know employees and customers not just by name, but who they are and what they like. She excels at problem solving and follow-through and is able to offer fresh perspectives and solutions to internal or external issues that may arise during the course of day. Martel also spends her time working the accounting to ensure the company is fit and financially sound.

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