Computer Services

If you are tired of battling the headaches and frustration caused by computer glitches, viruses, spyware and overall system problems, let Marchand Technologies build a system for you. Our experts design complete individualized computer systems by first creating a specific user profile to make sure a system fits your needs. Our database engine will maintain all your records, freeing you from worrying about upgrades and what your systems need to stay on the cutting edge. We build anything - from small individual home systems to extensive networks requiring server solutions and backup strategies.

The Marchand service department performs a thorough diagnostic check on each computer and every component. Our experts perform a system overhaul - cleaning, calibrating, and tuning your operating system to maximize performance. We can install and set up any software you desire and remove unnecessary items to create a leaner, more efficient system. We use your custom profile to make sure the system leverages your skills and keeps things simple. As one of the highest-rated representatives for all major manufacturers, including Apple, Dell, and HP, we can obtain any brand name computer, hardware or software application. This makes our service a one-stop shop.

To download more detailed information on this service, please download a one sheet here:

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